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Four Commercial Fit Out Trends That Make Good Business Sense

With a third of our lives being spent at work, it’s safe to say the environment we work in has a significant impact on our wellbeing. Mounting research also points to a strong correlation between employee working environments and productivity, performance and creativity.

If you consider the various ways in which the workplace has evolved over the decades, you’ll notice they mostly reflect a sense of flexibility and intelligent design.

Refitting or refurbishing your commercial premises so it drives better retention rates and a sense of value amongst employees can of course also be a shrewd business move. In short, office refits can prove invaluable in helping businesses of all sizes and sectors save money and become more profitable.

If you’ve decided to take the plunge, take a look at our four commercial fit out trends that make sound business sense.


Biophilic design

As workplaces evolve, introducing biophilic designs into commercial spaces continues to gain prominence.

In short, this refers to the growing trend of bringing the outdoors indoors for the benefit of office occupants.

Biophilic office design can include anything from placing plenty of shrubs, flowers and greenery around a building to installing bold and abundant green areas, such as a garden roof terrace designed for employee collaboration, relaxation and socialising. Ideally there should also be scope to incorporate plenty of natural daylight into the design and integrate inspiring views of the outside world.

One of the greatest components of this sort of thinking is that it need not cost a fortune and whilst it is more than just adding a few plants to a space, bringing in a few botanical touches can be a simple strategy in starting to bring elements of biophilic design into your workplace.


Energy saving lighting

When advising our clients on the best approach to office refits and refurbishments, the team at Stonehouse cannot overstress the importance of a sustainable, energy efficient commercial property design enough.

Being 75% more efficient than incandescent lighting and more than 12% more efficient than compact fluorescent lighting, replacing traditional, energy-zapping lighting with energy-saving, LED alternatives, is one of the easiest commercial fit-out trends that helps businesses start reaping cost-saving rewards instantly.

By making LED lighting a feature of your commercial refit, you will not only reduce your office’s electricity bills, but you’ll also reduce your company’s carbon emissions, ensuring your business is seen in an eco-friendlier and more corporately responsible light.

As well as the energy cost-saving advantages of energy saving lighting, (as LED lights produce white light which mimics natural daylight), they can help improve employee productivity, which again, will work to your competitive advantage.


Portable workstations

Another commercial refit trend Stonehouse recommends is the installation of portable workstations.

Unlike a fixed computer desk, which requires employees to return to their desks between other tasks such stock-taking, portable workstations can be wheeled around a commercial space so it’s always in the most convenient location.

Consequently, portable workstations can prove a cost-effective investment, helping increase productivity by making it easier for employees to work on assigned tasks.

These increasingly “trendy” components of a commercial property also make a stylish feature of any refit project.


Office break-out spaces

When it comes to an office environment, flexibility can take many different forms and one of them is office break out and recreational spaces. Companies are embracing recreational spaces—and for good reason. 

A smartly designed breakout area can be used as a multi-use space, from re-charging at lunch to holding informal client meetings and even relaxing in-between a split shift.

Not only is offering employees’ space to work or relax away from their desks a way to reduce costs by being smarter with space allocation, but it can reduce absenteeism through improved productivity and wellbeing. The results of which, should also impact positively on your bottom line.


“With varied/flexible working hours comes an expectation of in-house facilities to accommodate employee down time”.

Colin Sanderson, Design Manager, Stonehouse

A consultative approach to commercial fit outs

If you require advice and assistance on a commercial fit out or refurbishment project, Stonehouse provides a consultative approach to all the work it carries for its clients.

Whether you want to inject some life into a tired commercial space, or require a complete fit out to transform your working environment into a new and inspiring one, get in touch with Stonehouse today.  

19 November 2019

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